Why Choose a Powerlase® Laser Dentist?

Extensive Training and Certification

A Laser Certified Dentist must take training to use this new technology safely and accurately. Dr. McConnell received his training in No. Virginia under Dr Mark Colona, a leader in laser dentistry. Dr. McConnell has over 4 years experience in laser dentistry. Insist on using a qualified laser dentist.

Powerlase® Laser Equipment

Improved Technology - Powerlase® Dentistry

We have recently switched from Powerlase® technology to our new Powerlase® AT laser. The new laser allows us to perform more procedures with even less pain. The Powerlase is two lasers in one allowing the lasers to perform both soft and hard tissue procedures at speeds and an accuracy never before experienced in the world of laser dentistry.  Hard tissue cutting speeds are comparable to a high speed hand piece without anesthesia and are 220% faster than the Powerlase® laser. This technology dramatically reduces patient sensitivity, which allows us to perform a wide range of dental procedures on teeth, gum and bone more comfortably. Typically, Powerlase® treatments use fewer shots and less anesthesia, reducing patient anxiety and providing a more relaxing dental experience.

Fewer Shots & Less Anesthesia

Powerlase® is a versatile tool that allows dentists to cut teeth, bone and gum tissue with less trauma and do procedures that can’t be done with traditional tools such as the drill and scalpel. Your Powerlase® dentist will determine what type of treatment is appropriate for your needs.

Proven Technology, Comfortable Care

Lasers have long been the standard of care in medicine for many surgical and cosmetic procedures such as LASIK, wrinkle removal, hair removal and many others. The dental laser was approved for hard tissue procedures in 1998 and since has been cleared for numerous additional dental procedures. Thousands of dentists around the world have performed millions of procedures with less need for shots, anesthesia, drills and post-op numb lips

Patient Benefits

In the end, dentistry is all about the patient and so for a new technology to gain rapid and widespread acceptance, the patient must benefit. Here’s how patients benefit from laser usage:

  • Fear of needles: The best performing dental lasers can be used to perform almost all common cavity preparation procedures without the need for patient anesthesia. Patients don’t like injections, even when they don’t hurt!
  • Dislike of numbness: Patients prefer not to become numb or leave the dental practice after a procedure numb. And, many patients feel anxious from physiological reactions to commonly used anesthetics. A high performance dental laser eliminates this negative.
  • Dislike of drill noise and vibration: High speed hand piece cavity preparation involves significant objectionable noise and vibration for the patient and they dislike it. The sound of a laser is not objectionable and no vibration is transmitted to the patient as the tip of the laser never even needs to contact the tooth!
  • One stop shopping- General dentists find that ownership of a good quality laser with soft tissue surgery capability allows them to perform many more soft tissue procedures more simply, with little or no bleeding post operative due to a laser’s ability to coagulate as it cuts. This means referring their patients less to specialists. Patients prefer to have their dental procedures performed by the general dentist they know and trust and dislike referral to a strange specialist. Add to this that many soft tissue laser procedures can be performed without anesthetic and dislike of needles and numbness comes into play again.
  • Preservation of healthy tooth structure: In general cavity preparations performed with lasers preserve more healthy tooth structure while avoiding the micro-cracking of healthy enamel associated with dental hand piece use.
  • Less post operative discomfort: Many laser procedures result in less post operative discomfort for the patient.
  • Better Overall Care- Equipped with laser technology, the dentist is armed with more and better treatment options than without a laser, resulting in delivery of the very best, state of the art care possible for the patient.

The positive impact of these benefits on how patients perceive their dentist and their dental care experience is dramatic.

Sill Uncertain? See the Powerlase® in action here!