Sleep Apnea Treatment in Germantown, MD, for Silent Nights

Silent Nights Side Link Snoring Prevention DeviceSnoring is more than an annoying habit your or a loved one has. That loud noise may actually be a sign of sleep apnea, which can lead to problems with your health, mood, and memory. However, there is effective sleep apnea treatment in Germantown, MD, for this disorder. Come into Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of Maryland to talk to our dentist about an oral appliance that stops the snoring.

Snoring Gets Serious when it turns into Sleep Apnea

When you’re sleeping, your whole body relaxes, including the tissues and muscles in your mouth and throat. This temporarily decreases the size of the passageway through which air flows to and from your throat. To compensate, the air flows more quickly through the passageway, causing vibrations of the uvula and soft palette that make those snoring noises.

This disturbs others who can hear this noise, but, also threatens the health of the snoring person. Snoring can turn into sleep apnea, where the breathing is interrupted throughout the night. This leads to poor sleep quality, resulting in daytime drowsiness, grouchiness, and memory loss. However, it can also foster high blood pressure, heart disease, or strokes. Reach out to our dental practice for an effective solution for snoring.

Our Oral Appliance Stops Snoring

Slient Night

If you have a history of snoring, we recommending you confront the problem head on. Your spouse will thank you for it. Our patients have found relief with an oral appliance called Silent Night® Side Link. This is an anti-snoring aid that focuses attention on the problems that results from a restricted airway.

Silent Night® Side Link is made of two BPA-free, plastic forms that fit over the teeth in the upper and lower jaw. There is a soft inner layer next to your teeth and gums that is supported by a hard outer layer. The upper and lower forms are connected with a flexible piece of plastic on each side. What Silent Night® Side Link does is move the lower jaw forward to make more space in the air passage. This allows air to flow at a slower pace, so the uvula and soft palette do not vibrate.

We have found this to be a snoring solution that works. Many of our patients have tried other appliances and even breathing machines, such as a CPAP, that did not work for them. Silent Night® Side Link is comfortable, easy to use, and effective in stopping snoring. Call our office to set up an appointment and get started on your way to a snore-free night of sleep.

Contact us today to talk about trying our anti-snoring appliance. We proudly serve patients in Germantown, Gaithersburg, Clarksburg, Boyds, Bethesda, Potomac and Frederick Maryland, as well as Montgomery County.

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