Our COVID Precautions



Our Response to Covid-19

As always our health and well-being of our patients is our primary focus. First I want to assure you the clinical treatment areas are being handled exactly with the same sterilization techniques that have always been in place. Additionally we have removed all magazines and brochures from the waiting room . All waiting area surfaces are disinfected every 30-60 minutes. We will not allow any employee or patient to present to the office with any signs of illness. All of our office staff will have been tested for the COVID-19 and the hygienist and Dr. McConnell will have the N95 mask.  Our hygienist also uses a release, high-speed evacuation system, which removes all airborne pathogens during routine cleanings. We will monitor all of our patients with a  temporal thermometer as well as our staff daily.  In addition to the steps we have already taken we have installed HEPA air purifiers in the office which cleanse the air to get rid of impurities . We are open for dental emergencies and hope to be caring for our patients for routine care by the middle or end of May. We can have our patients wait in their cars until their appointment time.

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